Love Is Not a Medicine - Debut EP

Release - October 27th 2023

After 2 years on the scene, Temi T is releasing her highly anticipated EP, Love Is Not a Medicine. The EP is a collection of spoken word and jazz pieces that documents the journey of an artist finding themselves through love, or the lack thereof and understanding what love really is.

Each track on the EP started off as a live performance piece that was later developed in the studio, emulating the improvised musical elements that were played whilst performing. This led to her independently releasing her debut single Painted Skin, in May 2023 that will also be featured on the EP. The title, Love Is Not a Medicine explains the lessons learnt, that doting love on someone is not the solution to their problems, but rather a gift to aid them. Love cannot cure unhealed issues within people, that is, without them loving themselves first.

Each track illustrates every aspect and elements of Temi T’s identity, and starts off with track, The Intro which serves as both the introduction to the EP, and Temi T’s introduction as an artist. She speaks on what it means to be a poet, her feeling that she should be handed her flowers for her creative work, but also simultaneously experiences imposter syndrome as an artist. This contrasts with her cheeky humorous writing in Summer Romance as another element of her personality.

Her choice of musical elements in a signature jazz style, pays homage to some of her biggest influences, Nina Simone and Anderson Paak Temi T presents this EP as her introduction and a love letter to the World.

With her new sense of freedom as an artist, this EP is just the start of more releases and collaborations next year.